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Web Storytelling 2.0

This is an article I came across while looking for some resources for getting my creative writing out online.  There are many new tools available for storytellers, writers, small businesses and bloggers and this article by Bryan Alexander and Alan Levine is a clever, comprehensive synopsis of the transformation creative work is undergoing online with the current surge of social media.  Technology and the arts are becoming more and more closely linked and online writing has taken on some characteristics of older oral storytelling traditions- requiring participation, editorial conscience for the listener\reader, and creative feedback.  The article also contains a wealth of interesting blog, article and site links.  Here’s a sample graph from their article:

     Another site worth taking a look at is this wonderful resource for educators and artists alike.  This site allows it’s users to create their own illustrated books and publish them, for about $20.00 apiece.  

While this site is mostly used by teachers, parents and industrious kids, I think it could be a very interesting format to explore for writers and artists- I can think of a dozen sets of images, stories or essays I’d like to collect into book form and this is an affordable, accessible way to do so.  Enjoy!

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